Confidently grow your business and brand with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs!

Are you stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by all the options and barriers to grow your business and move forward? We get it. We’ve been there too. Our 2020 was supposed to be full of in-person events and panels. But then COVID happened. All of our hard work planning these in-person networking and community building events came to a screeching halt. It was heartbreaking, but we knew we couldn’t give up.

That's how we created 'Your Solid Biz' and launched it in September 2020. Amongst all of the chaos that was 2020, we cultivated a space online where female entrepreneurs and business owners came together to learn. Our community is a place where you can drown out the noise, lean in and focus on becoming the women (and businesses) you were born to be!

'Your Solid Biz’ pulls directly from our vast, national network of business and industry leading experts, as we build and moderate the digital conversation. The all-encompassing membership community will not only foster the growth of your business, but also help you build a brand that is 'solid' and celebrated for having a HUGE impact.

Your Solid Biz

A membership community to grow your business + build an impactful brand!

Why is building a solid brand important?

Because the most successful and influential entrepreneurs know that you need to have both: a business and a brand.  A solid foundation that is built on strong financial knowledge, secure legal structure and a clear visual direction.  This foundation must be paired with a solid brand that knows what it stands for and who it wants to impact.

Julie and Cristin are passionate leaders.


"The Solid Brand Sessions has been an incredibly influential part of my business, and working with Julie and Cristin has been a game changer! Their events are fun, enlightening, empowering and I always walk away with something new to implement and energized to do it! Julie and Cristin are passionate leaders who don't just do amazing work themselves, but make incredible connections as well. I attribute so much of my business and personal growth to working with the Solid Brand Sessions!"

Featuring a business expert from a variety of industries with topics like confidence, storytelling, e-commerce, design, marketing, etc.

1:1 access to the featured business expert to answer specific questions about your business

Advice on how to build a solid brand directly from Cristin & Julie!
Strategy, visuals, and implementation and how to apply each month's topic to your brand!

- Action item/homework/checklist
- Monthly goal-setting and reflection
- Access to a community of motivated female entrepreneurs through a private platform (accessible online or via mobile app).

Masterclass TRAINING
(value $247)

(VALUE $197)

(VALUE $127)

(VALUE $147)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of OVER $700 a month (and ALMOST $9K over a year), but you can enroll today for an incredible price of $37 per month.

What's Included in This Membership?

2021-2022 ENROLLMENT




Our Upcoming 2021-2022 Experts




...full line-up coming soon!


- Bring together a diverse network of industry-leading experts to help you grow a solid business.
- Keep you accountable and motivated in the tough times, working from home, most likely solo. 
- Build your impactful brand - one that is recognized by many and makes a BIG difference. 


- Start saying “yes!” to growth opportunities
- Start saying “no!” to things that don’t make sense for your biz
- Gain clarity and insight
- Sign more clients
- Sell more products
- Publish more content
- Grow your audience

The support group you didn't know you needed.


"Even in the midst of a pandemic that commands isolation, I have never felt more connected. Connected to like minded, passionate, hard working business women. Women that support each other, with most, not even having met each other in “real” life.

Your Solid Biz is the support group you didn’t know you needed, until it presented itself as a monthly membership program. You sign up, thinking your business is going to grow, when in fact, it’s also you that finds growth.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to have found SBS, Julie, Cristin, and all the amazing women that come along with this membership - I can confidently say, that I believe you will feel the same."


You’re hustling on the side, and want to make your business your full-time gig (or maybe just grow your supplemental income)!

You’re a few years in, and never really established a clear strategy or visual direction. Plus you could use a few pointers on the business side of things!

You’re a seasoned pro looking for a refresh and an opportunity to scale your business so you can stop working so damn hard, and relax a bit.

You’re lacking the motivation of working from home and want a community of strong, like-minded women to support you. Let's face it, we all need guidance and reassurance through the roller coaster of emotions that is #entrepreneurlife.

You’re ready and willing to put in the work to uplevel your business, your mindset, and your goals. 


You want all the answers. We are so confident in our network of colleagues that will offer masterclass trainings and group coaching calls, but this is not a 1:1 strategy session specific for your business. You will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about your business/brand, of course, but it is not a guide tailored to your business specifically.

You are lackadaisical and unmotivated. We aim to fill the community with action-taking female entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance and support, but who are also going to get shit done. No more’s time to WERK!

You are always looking for the next best thing. We get it - pivots and business model changes happen. Ummm, #2020, right?! BUT, you must not be constantly shifting and changing so much that your audience and your colleagues are unclear of your purpose and how you are going to serve them. 


It's clear that you should join us! 

Don’t let another year go by spinning your wheels, downloading cheap content because you think “maybe this will help!”, or wishing you had someone to talk shop with!

This past year has proven to be one of the hardest for small business owners - everything has been stacked against us, but we won't go down without a fight! We want to end the year kicking and swinging, and we want you next to us. 

There has never been a better time to invest in your business - especially at our incredible rate of just $37 per month!

For the price of a couple of coffees, or trip to the Target Dollar Spot, you can confidently take on the rest of 2021 and 2022!

Accountability, action, and connection.


"The structure of Your Solid Biz has helped me put ideas into action. The support of Cristin and Julie has given me actionable tasks that previously had only been swirling around my head. The accountability that I gain from being a part of this group motivates me to put these items in place. I have made so many connections in the group that have lead to hiring a more professional bookkeeper, a new insurance provider, and even a new client!"

We met for the first time at Panera Bread in Settlers Ridge. Cristin was fan-girling over the fact that Julie was on reality TV, and Julie was just casually breastfeeding her sweet newborn daughter, Alley. We shared our successes, our struggles, and left there knowing we had to partner and make more of an impact together!

Shortly after, our collaborative project, The Solid Brand Sessions (SBS) was created. We set out to solve a big problem that we had both encountered over the years: People want pretty ‘branding’ photos, but they don’t know what to do with them. They get caught in a trap that focuses on the “look” only, with no strategy behind it. SBS focuses on helping business owners overcome this trap. We build and re-energize brands by creating visuals that hold true to a strategy that is led by the brand’s core values.

Julie’s strategies and brand implementation planning pulls directly from her experience in the agency world, and the knowledge she gained working in New York City at a luxury magazine firm and as Bethenny Frankel's assistant. Cristin’s storytelling expertise that comes from her vast commercial visual and video work, including Ustianochka Vodka, Habitat for Humanity, and Simple Sugars, would help our clients create a visually impactful brand.

Your Solid Brand Experts + Membership Facilitators!



Meet...The Solid Brand Sessions

Solid Biz?

are you ready for a 



Question #1:
What exactly do I get from this membership?

A: With Your Solid Biz membership program you get ACCESS to Cristin and Julie, through our private community platform called The Mighty Network. You also get ACCESS to our network of industry leading experts, complete with action items each month to make your business better, and ACCESS to a wonderful community of like-minded women supporting you every step of the way.

Question #2:
What happens if we go into another quarantine? Will the membership still exist?

A: One of the driving forces behind creating this membership was to make it 100% virtual and accessible to all even if in-person interaction is halted. The Solid Brand Sessions was ready to build a local, in-person community of female entrepreneurs in 2020 through panel discussions and in-person workshops, but when COVID struck, we were forced to restructure. We are new to this online space, but do not doubt that the same level of expertise and engagement can be available virtually too!

Question #3:
What if I’m just starting my business - is this for me? 

A: ABSOLUTELY! In fact, this is exactly what we could have wished for when we were starting our businesses: an affordable and valuable community with the tools and resources to help us grow. Will you have it all figured out? No, that’s not the point. Will there be some bumps in the road? Probably. But to have access to business experts who have valuable information to share along with fellow entrepreneurs who are working right alongside you - that’s SO worth it right there! 

Question #4:
What if I’ve been in business for a while - is this for me?

A: YEP! If you’re at this stage in your business you may be busier than ever and not sure if you can devote the time each week to work through the classes and calls. We all lead demanding, crazy, busy lives. Trust me, we GET IT! Between the two of us we have 5 kids under 6 and limited childcare all while running full-time businesses. But like you, we know there is a future for us and our business. We want to connect and relate to women that may have been doing this a while ,and no longer want to go at it alone.

Question #5:
Who is invited to be a part of the membership community?

A: Great question. This community was created for ambitious, action-taking female entrepreneurs and business owners, in any stage of their business. The important part being “ambitious and action-taking.” We’ve been there - signing up for all the courses, downloading free and low-ticket content, maybe even investing in some one-on-one strategy or coaching sessions because you’re at a loss. So we created Your Solid Biz to foster business growth and community support because the two go hand-in-hand to achieve success!

Question #6:
Can I afford this right now?

A: You absolutely can if you hop in now at the incredible price of $37/month! For such a low price you gain access to TSBS and a leading industry expert like a business coach, lawyer, or SEO manager whose 1:1 sessions range anywhere from $200-400/hr. 

The better question might be, "Can you afford to pass this up?" BOOM! :-)

Question #7: 
I’ve signed up for programs like this in the past and they haven’t worked - Will this work?

A: So this membership is a little different because it combines 3 aspects: business education, community/accountability, and branding. It’s all encompassing but we have found that these are the parts and pieces that make up a successful business. This is the exact same model we were planning to create in-person for 2020, we’re just taking it online! 

Question 8:
Where will we meet online?

A: All of the monthly content will be housed in our private Facebook group. All of the masterclass trainings (either live or pre-recorded), group coaching calls, and tools like checklists and PDFs will be saved in the group so it will truly be a one-stop-shop!  Once you sign up, you'll be emailed a link to join the private group. We also email around recordings, Google Calendar invites, and other links.

Question #9:
What is the cancellation or refund policy?

A: We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in Your Solid Biz.

Buy it, try it, apply it - show up and do the work. We know you’ll love it BUT you’re backed by our cancellation policy that says you can cancel anytime (on our month-to-month subscription). If you pay in full you’re getting a discount and also willing to put in a year’s worth of work + transformation!

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